Raindrop Retreat

Amairah, the bride, was none less than a princess. Her father had made the world take a notice of his business even before she was born. 

The groom’s side had equal stamp on the world’s economy. Kiyaan, the groom, was recently featured as the Most Influential Young Businessman of the year.

An exotic island near the equator was their choice for the destination wedding.

Warning of rain, just two days prior to wedding, tensed up the air. Mehandi function at the lawns was in jeopardy. The family heads from both the sides got busy in discussions. Some calls were made.

Few airplanes were soon heard buzzing skywards. Sirimiri followed. 

Amairah’s heart skipped a bit. 

As if responding to some stern orders, raindrops retreated. Gone was the rain and in came the rush of the flush on the bride’s cheek! 

"De-Clouding" worked its wonder. Welcome to 2117AD!

-- § § § § § --

It is my wishful thinking that by turn of the century, science and technology will be advanced enough to stop or divert the rains. "De-clouding"the inverse of the "Cloud seeding" would be a reality! Many floods could be averted. Many arid areas could be turned green and there would no loss of life either. And yes, the brides would not shed the tears on account of rain turning the spoil sport in their weddings!!!
Word Count: 147

Its my contribution to #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri