Merci Chere Maison*

Ask a nomad to spell home. Check with a wanderer how dearly the home is missed. Quiz a rover how it feels to return to the warmth of home. And thats what I did! Its been nomadic life since last 15 odd years. Any house, that we called our home for a distinct period of time in those years, is not just a place, but a feeling... a feeling of warmth, protection, care, love and comfort. This list is ever increasing, so is my gratitude towards all these homes.

Come evening, my little birdies return home tired but with oodles of stories. The walls of our lively home then sparkle up with the twinkle! The youngest one can be her best at relieving her urge to sing like an opera singer, here. And check with the elder one, for him, it is the home where the "wi-fi" connects automatically! Thankful to my home that it gives us our own space of sharing and creating the memories. Growing here is so much of fun! 

Late in the evening, the man of the house returns. Enter the threshold, and all his worries say good bye. Thanks to our rugged home that it doesn't let these unwanted guests beyond the main door. Many a times, he returns from the hectic "Discovery of India" tour. "Nothing like staying at home for the real comfort" is all that is on his mind. Thanks to our cosy home that he gets refreshed and all ready to take on the challenges, here!  

Come week end and the home is full of laughter, chuckle and frolic. Thanks to our lovely home, we can share the mindful space with our family and friends. Home turns into a bustling place where "meal and memories" are made. If not the family and friends then the four of us turn it into a theater, a play area, "India wants to know" debate room and what not! The vigor, the vibrancy of week ends is echoed by the walls of the home for a long while.  Thanks to our open handed home that welcomes the guests with equal fervour as that of us. 

The home offers me sanity and tranquility at the backdrop of outside mayhem. It gives me company when I am alone and acts as a sounding board. As Minion says, 'It allows me to look and feel ugly and still enjoy it!' Our home bounces to life when I am happy and it offers me a shoulder when I wish to shed a tear. How I wish I could give my home a bear hug and whisper "Merci Chere Maison".
                     ....Our home loves to have us too! 

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Merci Chere Maison (French) means Thank You Dear Home
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