Long Lost Star

I was running behind the schedule. Upon ringing the bell and then waiting for a while, a lady opened the door. 

Still looking inside, she shouted, “Lower the TV volume.”

“It’s the final match of Kabaddi league”, came a reply.

She turned and asked, “What do you want?”

“I am a plumber, you had called…”

Without letting me complete, she frowned. “Is this the time to arrive? Anyway, get in. There’s a leak in the bathroom”.

She turned and started walking inside.

The TV commentator was raking up the memories of Kabaddi stars from past. Sepiaish photos were flashed on the screen along with the names.

I stumbled at the carpet… I pulled my cap further on forehead and flipped the ID card.

Though I was not in the prime of my age, spirit of Kabaddi glimmered in my heart!

“What are you waiting for?”, summoned a rude voice.
-- § § § § § --
Word Count: 149

Its my contribution to #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri