Hell Hath No...

'Glyci takes a while to dress up but will be here soon. She looks dazzling even today.' Rex, the old dragon was waiting for his better half and was happily drifting in thoughts.

“Rex darling…”, came the sensuous purring.  Rex looked up. His jaws dropped. 'She looks like a Diva even at this age', noted Rex.

Glyci’s expression turned from seductive to upright rejection in a flash. 

“Rex, what are you up to?”

“I am up to reading the paper and waiting.”

“Are we not going for the wedding party?”

“Oh, yes. Come on lets go.”

“With you, like this?”

Puzzled, Rex looked at himself.

“You have not combed your hair. Your shoes are not polished. This suit belongs to ancient times. You look like a 50-year-old nerd!”

“But I am 50 now, what’s the harm?”

And before Rex could contemplate, Glyci frowned. Looking up, she let out a wailing growl. The skies shivered and cast a fragmented gloom. 

'Hell htha no fury like a woman scorned… how true!' Rex reflected! 

 -- § § § § § --
Word Count: 171 words

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