Dissolved Mission

“Mission aborted. All scientists to teleport. Report at Eastern Bay Gates for final departure to Space Colony”, went the cold, monotone announcement.

Vasundhara, now sitting on the floor, took notice of it. She was crest fallen. The lab wore the deserted look. The thunder outside was raging. She had seen the ray of hope. Hope that might lead to establishment of the habitable colonies back on Earth.

“Last call”, promulgated the speaker. “Eastern Bay Gates to close in five minutes.”

She moved her trembling hands, fondly, over the glass floor as if caressing the soil below. With heavy heart, she lifted herself and started walking. 

The tiny green shoots below the glass floor were dissolving. The acid rain, that followed the hitting of the inhabitable Earth by the half moon sized asteroid, had washed all hopes of returning back to Earth.

Earth had seized to be habitable way back in 2400 AD. 

-- § § § § § --

Word Count: 150

Lets save Earth before this turns true in distant future!
"Vasundhara" is a Sanskrit name for "Mother Earth"

Its my contribution to #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri